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Meet the Author: Lisa Cornwell
Zeppelin Books
885 N Orange Ave, Orlando, FL 32801 (map it)
Saturday, June 17, 2023 - 6:00pm

Join author Lisa Cornwell for a signing of her new book, Troublemaker, at Zeppelin Books in Orlando, FL.

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By Lisa Cornwell, With Tucker Booth, Foreword by Hillary Rodham Clinton


ISBN 9781637272565

Published May 2023

<strong>Lisa Cornwell never shied away from standing up to bullies. </strong><br /><br />When she was a freshman in college, she saw a man hit a woman in the face with a closed fist while a paralyzed crowd stood by and watched. Seconds later, she took matters into her own hands—with a 3-iron from her golf bag.<br aria-hidden="true" /><br />This impulse crystallized years later when Cornwell publicly spoke out against the misogynistic culture she and others experienced at the hands of their employer, Golf Channel/NBCUniversal. Throughout her time at the network, she challenged the toxic environment and was quickly branded a “troublemaker&quot;—a label that often accompanies women who refuse to play by an antiquated set of rules.<br aria-hidden="true" /><br />In this authentic and unreserved memoir, which includes a powerful foreword from Hillary Rodham Clinton, Cornwell takes readers inside the boys’ club of sports media and reveals the way powerful corporations cover up wrongdoings. For her, what began with retaliation exploded into a public smear campaign and, ultimately, her dismissal. She also shares the unlikely yet formative touchstones of her life: a close friendship with Tiger Woods when both were nationally ranked junior golfers; her cousin, Bill Clinton, being elected President of the United States; and the private demons she battled as a young adult that almost cost her everything.<br aria-hidden="true" /><br /><strong>Candid and compulsively readable, <em>Troublemaker</em> serves as a reminder of the ability we possess to stand up to Goliath...and the virtue in finding one’s own path.</strong>