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History Through the Headsets
History Through the Headsets (3 Formats) ›
By John Mahoney, By Reed Gregory
Cloth Price 26.95

Cloth, PDF, EPUB

ISBN 9781629379685

Published Oct 2021

Notre Dame football is a program defined by its many traditions: its status as an independent, the rivalries with USC and Navy, the rumble of the crowd as the Victory March plays.<br /><br />In 2020, that all changed. Amid a global pandemic, the season hung in the balance all spring. Then the schedule was scrapped as the Irish were folded into the ACC. The stands at Notre Dame Stadium stayed empty.<br /><br />In an unprecedented look inside this historic program, players Reed Gregory and John Mahoney chronicle a season that won#&39;t be forgotten. Fans will get an up-close view as Brian Kelly#&39;s squad navigates a new course and makes their run to the Rose Bowl.<br /><br /><strong>Filled with insight and personal reflections recorded throughout the year, this fascinating keepsake captures the realities of college football at the crossroads of something much greater.</strong>
If These Walls Could Talk: Notre Dame Fighting Irish
If These Walls Could Talk: Notre Dame Fighting Irish (4 Formats) ›
By Reggie Brooks, By John Heisler, Foreword by Jerome Bettis
Trade Paper Price 17.95

Trade Paper, PDF, EPUB, Mobipocket

ISBN 9781629378534

Published Sep 2021

<div>After making his mark in the Notre Dame record books as a running back and later joining the school&#39;s athletic department, Reggie Brooks knows what it means to live and breathe Fighting Irish football. In <em>If These Walls Could Talk: Notre Dame Fighting Irish</em>, Brooks provides insight into the inner sanctum of one of the most iconic college football programs, from The Snow Bowl under legendary coach Lou Holtz to the modern rosters guided by Brian Kelly.<br /><br /><strong>Featuring conversations with players and coaches past and present as well as off-the-wall anecdotes only Brooks can tell, this indispensable volume is your ticket to Notre Dame history.</strong></div>
Ara's Knights
Ara's Knights (3 Formats) ›
By Frank Pomarico, By Raymond Serafin, Foreword by Regis Philbin, Introduction by Gerry DiNardo
Trade Paper Price 22.95

Trade Paper, EPUB, Mobipocket

ISBN 9781629371115

Published Sep 2015

<div><strong>The ultimate insider&rsquo;s account of a renowned coach and the athletes he inspired</strong><br />&nbsp;<br />With this memoir, former Notre Dame captain Frank Pomarico shares with readers what it was like to play for legendary coach Ara Parseghian, a leader whose guidance extended beyond the playing field and whose tips still inspire his players. The book culminates with the 1973 Sugar Bowl, the climactic and memorable game between Bear Bryant&rsquo;s undefeated Alabama squad and Ara&rsquo;s undefeated Fighting Irish. Pomarico&rsquo;s story is amplified by interviews with dozens of former players and coaches whose lives were changed by their experience with the coach. Parseghian was one of the most successful college coaches ever, and the young men who played for him learned about much more than just blocking and tackling. <em>Ara&rsquo;s Knights</em> is the ultimate insiders&rsquo; look at one of the great periods in Notre Dame football history.</div>
100 Things Notre Dame Fans Should Know & Do Before They Die
100 Things Notre Dame Fans Should Know & Do Before They Die (4 Formats) ›
By John Heisler, Foreword by Bryant Young, Foreword by Frank Stams
Trade Paper Price 16.95

Trade Paper, PDF, EPUB, Mobipocket

ISBN 9781600788727

Published Oct 2013

The storied Notre Dame football program has long been full of pride and passionate fans, as the Fighting Irish have provided decades of incredible memories for its legion of alumni and followers, and author John Heisler captures this tradition and others in this essential fanbook. Created for the serious football fan who wants to enhance their Fighting Irish IQ, this book reveals special stories and experiences from fans and memorable moments about past and present players and coaches. As a longtime ND employee in the sports information and athletic departments, author John Heisler shares what’s really important and he touches on some of the most famous games, players, and traditions in Fighting Irish history, including Knute Rockne’s “Win One for the Gipper” speech, the team’s game day walk from the Basilica to Notre Dame Stadium, Joe Montana’s legendary comeback performance in the 1979 Cotton Bowl, Indiana State Police Sergeant Tim McCarthy’s public safety messages, and the team’s storybook and inspirational 2012 season. From singing the Notre Dame Fight Song at the Friday night pep rally at the Joyce Center to taking in a game at historic Notre Dame Stadium, this guidebook covers all there is to Irish football, making a must read for any fan.
Awakening (4 Formats) ›
Cloth Price 29.95

Cloth, PDF, EPUB, Mobipocket

ISBN 9781600788437

Published Jan 2013

Unranked heading into the season, Notre Dame returned to college football's epicenter in 2012—finishing a perfect 12-0, ascending to No. 1 in the national rankings, and advancing to face Alabama in the BCS National Championship Game. Awakening takes readers through every compelling moment—from the season-opening win over Navy in Dublin, Ireland, to defeat by the Crimson Tide in Miami. This unforgettable season is captured through stories and photos from staff of the award-winning South Bend Tribune. This collector's edition takes you on a journey through coach Brian Kelly's coaching evolution, quarterback Everett Golson's rise, tight end Tyler Eifert's late-season surge and the tragedy and triumphs of Heisman Trophy runner-up Manti Te'o. Vivid photography helps tell the story every step along the way.
Always Fighting Irish
Always Fighting Irish (3 Formats) ›
By John Heisler, By Tim Prister
Trade Paper Price 18.95

Trade Paper, EPUB, Mobipocket

ISBN 9781600787546

Published Aug 2012

Drawing insight from nearly 100 former players, coaches, and others directly tied to this storied and revered school, fans will read firsthand accounts about what being a part of the legendary football program means. The ultimate compendium of everything that is special about the University of Notre Dame and Fighting Irish football, this book includes the memories of everyone from John Lujack, Joe Montana, and Aaron Taylor, as well as other Fighting Irish greats. Some highlights include the 100 most important moments in Notre Dame football history, beloved landmarks and hang outs from the Notre Dame campus and South Bend area, the greatest players in the history of the program, and of course, the championship seasons. Fans will relish these retellings of the moments, games, and teams by the dozens of former players, coaches, and fans that are best qualified to share them.
Notre Dame Football
Notre Dame Football (2 Formats) ›
By Christopher Walsh
Trade Paper Price 12.95

Trade Paper, PDF

ISBN 9781600781827

Published Jul 2009

Arranged in a unique year-by-year format, the HuddleUp! series presents readily accessible statistics and trivia about fan-favorite sports teams. Providing detailed facts and figures from the team’s history, the book includes the all-important sections on Hall of Famers, coaches, and awards garnered throughout the years, but also gives a more comprehensive view than most sports guides by providing such information as history of the conference, draft picks, or team rivals. Naturally, there is also a good helping of “greatest” entries in this record book, and any fan of the team will find this resource invaluable. The book also includes a special 2008 season review that provides anecdotes from the coach and players along with statistics, making the book important memorabilia to anyone for whom that season has extra significance. Notre Dame University fans will become experts with this concise book of team stats and history.
Greatest Moments in Notre Dame Football History
Greatest Moments in Notre Dame Football History (2 Formats) ›
By John Heisler, Foreword by Chris Zorich
PDF Price 29.99

PDF, Hardcover & DVD

ISBN 9781623686352

Published Aug 2008

<DIV><DIV>To be a fan of the Fighting Irish is to revere the tradition, understand the legend, and experience the pageantry of Notre Dame&#8212;all for the glory in the end zone. This collection illuminates the team&#39;s storied victories and dignified defeats, and proves once and for all why this school is the one by which all other college football programs are judged. Even the most casual Notre Dame football fans can recount the greatest Irish games: the landmark home victories over top-ranked teams in 1988 and 1993, the unforgettable 10-10 tie with Michigan State in 1966, Harry Oliver&#39;s epic 51-yard field goal, and the long list of bowl wins against the likes of Texas, Alabama, West Virginia, Colorado, Texas A&amp;M, and Florida. Not to be overlooked is the birth of the Four Horsemen, the &#34;Win One for the Gipper&#34; game, plus four straight seasons under Frank Leahy without a loss. Games are recounted in rich detail, supported by statistics, scoring summaries, and memorable quotations from the coaches and players involved. A bonus highlight DVD includes interviews and historic footage of some of the greatest Fighting Irish moments. </DIV></DIV>
Game Day: Notre Dame Football
Game Day: Notre Dame Football (2 Formats) ›
By Athlon Sports, Foreword by Mike Golic
Cloth Price 24.95

Cloth, PDF

ISBN 9781572438811

Published Sep 2006

Whether rediscovering the best team moments, or initiating into the histories and traditions of Fighting Irish fandom, this book about the University of Notre Dame football team is both a useful resource and cherishable memorabilia. Packed with anecdotes of the players, explanations about the beginnings of rivalries and traditions, detailed histories about the greatest players and moments in the school’s history, lists of the most successful seasons, recaps of the most exciting games ever played, and year-by-year statistics, this collectible book is the primary source for anyone eager to be an expert regarding anything about the Fighting Irish. The book captures the essence of what it means to be a true Notre Dame fan: more national championships than any program, seven Heisman Trophy winners, blue and gold (and sometimes green), the House That Rockne Built, the Golden Dome, Touchdown Jesus, Ara, “The Victory March,” pep rallies in the JACC, gold dust, Fair Catch Corby, the Irish Guard, “Notre Dame, Our Mother,” and the Four Horsemen.
Lombardi and Me
Lombardi and Me (5 Formats) ›
By Paul Hornung, By Billy Reed
Trade Paper Price 14.95

Trade Paper, Cloth, PDF, EPUB, Mobipocket

ISBN 9781600780394

Published Sep 2007

Explaining the legendary Vince Lombardi through the words of the men who knew him the best, this book describes Lombardi’s efforts and qualities that defined an era of football and captured the attention of the nation Former player Paul Hornung, one of Lombardi’s biggest challenges and brightest stars of his time, interviews the players, coaches, reporters, family, and friends, including Bart Starr, Larry Brown, Frank Gifford, Bill Curry, Vince Lombardi Jr., and many more. These men share captivating stories and an insight into illustrate the unequalled blend of personality quirks and character traits that made Lombardi so magnetic and one of the most well-respected coaches ever.
What It Means to Be Fighting Irish
What It Means to Be Fighting Irish (3 Formats) ›
Edited by Tim Prister, Foreword by Ara Parseghian
Cloth Price 27.95

Cloth, EPUB, Mobipocket

ISBN 9781572436404

Published Sep 2004

Taking a decade-by-decade approach to the University of Notre Dame football tradition, this collection brings together over 40 stories from the most outstanding voices of the program. The spirit of Fighting Irish football is not captured by just one phrase, one season, or one particular game; instead, the student-athletes and coaches who made the magic happen over the decades blend their experiences to capture the true essence of their beloved school. Notre Dame fans will relish the intimate stories told by the figures they have come to cherish.