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Transformers ›
By Erin Brereton

Trade Paper

ISBN 9781572439832

Published Apr 2007

The subject of major motion pictures, successful TV series, comic books, and more, Transformers come to life in this exciting resource. Fans will love this collection of factoids, movie information, history, and more related to their favorite Transformers.
Pojo's Guide to Duel Masters
Pojo's Guide to Duel Masters ›
By Bill "Pojo" Gill
Price 9.95

Trade Paper

ISBN 9781572437005

Published Sep 2004

From the perspective of duelists in the competitive gaming world, this is an authoritative introduction and useful resource on the Duel Masters trading card game. Providing a thorough history and biography of characters, the book also goes in helpful detail on building a successful playing deck—complete with reviews and ratings of individual cards. Including strategy tips as well, this guide will help any gamer take their interest in the franchise to the next level.