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The Year's Best Sports Writing 2022

The Year's Best Sports Writing 2022 ›

Edited by J.A. Adande, With Glenn Stout

A must-read collection featuring the best in sports journalism 
J.A. Adande, ESPN personality and Director of Sports Journalism at Northwestern University#&39;s Medill School of Journalism, has curated an essential anthology showcasing incredible feats and diverse perspectives across the world of sports.

Selected from a wide range of newspapers, magazines, and digital publications during the previous year, these stories capture enduring moments while celebrating the craft of writing at its most sublime.

This extraordinary collection reveals the fascinating stories behind the sports we love, the competitors who push their boundaries, and the cultures they are ultimately embedded in. 

Publishing the best in sports and current events since 1989.

In addition to working with some of the most celebrated coaches and athletes in the world, we publish oral and team histories, pictorials, and rule books for every major American sports league. Click the links to the right to find everything you've ever wanted to know about your favorite league or team.

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