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Jumble® Circus
Jumble® Circus ›
By Tribune Media Services

Trade Paper

ISBN 9781600787393

Published Sep 2012

This collection of Jumble® puzzles—which have been enjoyed by millions of newspaper readers for more than 40 years—features hundreds of mixed-up words coupled with cartoon clues, where one letter from each word is used to form the answers to the puzzles. A must-have for any fan of crosswords or word puzzles, this book packs together clever and humorous ways to give the brain a work out.
Royal Jumble®
Royal Jumble® ›
By Tribune Media Services
Price 10.95

Trade Paper

ISBN 9781600787386

Published Aug 2012

Kingly in its theme and as entertaining as ever, this collection of fun wordplay puzzles provides stimulating brain exercise with some laughs to boot. For more than 40 years, millions of newspaper readers have delighted in solving Jumble®, which appears in hundreds of national papers and in these puzzle books that offer hours of challenging wordplay and fun. Each page features a series of mixed-up words coupled with a cartoon clue, and one letter from each word is used to form the answer to the puzzle.