The Yankees Index
The Yankees Index

The Yankees Index

Every Number Tells a Story
By Mark Simon, Foreword by Buster Olney


368 Pages, 5.5 x 8.5

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ISBN 9781629371764

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Triumph Books (Jun 2016)


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Yankees fans have witnessed improbable feats, extraordinary achievements, and unmatched performances during the team's 100-plus seasons. The Yankees Index details the numbers every Yankees fan—from the rookie attending his first game at Yankee Stadium to the veteran who recalls Ron Guidry's days on the mound—should know. Author Mark Simon tells the stories behind the most memorable moments and achievements in Yankees history in this full-color book full of insightful and fun infographics and history.


"Every now and then you come across someone with a completely unique skill set and over time you come to appreciate just how passionate and smart that person is. When it comes to baseball and its history I would put Mark Simon in the Hall of Fame. First ballot." —Karl Ravech, host, ESPN's Baseball Tonight

"I used to think there was nobody who loved baseball's never-ending collection of awesome numbers more than me. Then I met Mark Simon. Mark has been on pretty much a life-long quest to unearth the most cool, most unique, most magical numbers in the game. And those of us lucky enough to work with him at ESPN know he's got an amazing gift for it. But as this book shows, Mark also has a special feel for what those numbers mean. And not just on the stat sheet. There's a real human tale behind every number. And as you read this book, I'm sure you'll agree Mark Simon was born to tell those tales." —Jayson Stark, senior writer,

"Some numbers need no explanation—think 56, 3,000 or 61—but Mark Simon gives baseball fans so many more to think about in his unique look at Yankees history. Few people can use numbers to tell a story the way Mark does, making this a must-read for Yankees fans and baseball fans alike." —Mark Feinsand, Yankees beat writer, New York Daily News

"The Yankees Index is a fun trip through baseball history not just for those of us who bleed pinstripes, but for all baseball fans." —Joe Sheehan, Sports Illustrated

"It takes plenty of writing skill and meticulous research to fit the Yankees' rich history into one handy volume, but Mark Simon has done it. Every page is like punching a button in a pinstriped time machine to re-live a moment and meet the man behind it. From Ruth, Gehrig and DiMaggio to Jeter, A-Rod and even Aaron Small, it's all here in The Yankees Index—the definitive guide to the indelible stories behind the most famous franchise in sports." —Tyler Kepner, New York Times

Author Biography

Mark Simon is a writer and researcher for ESPN, overseeing the ESPN Stats & Information blog and social media presence. Prior to joining ESPN in 2002, Simon was a sportswriter for the Trenton Times. He lives in Plymouth, Connecticut.

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The Yankees Index:

Every Number Tells a Story

By Mark Simon / Foreword by Buster Olney


Contact: Olivia Aguilar, Triumph Books, 312.676.4238,


In the modern age of statistics and analytics some numbers speak louder than others. While today’s baseball pundits toss around complicated figures for WAR and wOBA, purists and Yankees fans know nothing will ever hold more meaning than simple numbers like 27 (World Series titles), 61 (Roger Marris homeruns in ‘61) and 56 (Joe Dimaggio’s hitting streak).


In The Yankees Index (Triumph Books, Jun 2016) ESPN’s statistics guru Mark Simon explores the deeper meaning behind the most significant figures in Yankees history. In more than a century of baseball the Yankees have become more than a sports team, taking on a nearly mythical standing in our nation’s greatest metropolis. Theirs is a mythology rich with numbers, and Simon delves into the lore and legend behind each one, including:



  • 125,000 – dollars spent in the signing of Babe Ruth, the most notable deal in baseball history
  • 97 – pitches thrown by Don Larsen in his 1956 World Series perfect game
  • 25 – wins in the 1978 season for Cy Young award winner Ron Guidry
  • .353, 52, 130 – the Triple Crown numbers for Mickey Mantle’s miraculous 1956 season
  • 11 – RBIs in a single game, a Yankee record established by 2nd baseman Tony Lazzeri


Each of the numbers in The Yankees Index represents much more than a statistic. They evoke memories and emotions that define a piece of our national identity. Using the universal language of numbers and an encyclopedic knowledge of America’s pastime, Simon’s style brings value to fans of all stripes. Filled with full-color photographs and infographics, this book belongs on the shelf of baseball fans everywhere.


About the Author:

Mark Simon is a writer and researcher for ESPN, overseeing the ESPN Stats & Information blog and social media presence. Prior to joining ESPN in 2002, Simon was a sportswriter for the Trenton Times. He lives in Plymouth, Connecticut.