The Illustrated Golf Rules Dictionary
The Illustrated Golf Rules Dictionary

The Illustrated Golf Rules Dictionary

The Definitive International Reference
By Hadyn Rutter


384 Pages, 4 x 7.5

Formats: Cloth

Cloth, $19.95 (US $19.95) (CA $21.95)

ISBN 9781572436237

Rights: WOR

Triumph Books (Apr 2004)

Price: $19.95
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More than just a book, a pratical guide, or a refernce manual, The Illustrated Golf Rules Dictionary is as essential to golfers as a putter and a good pair of spikes. Photos and illustrations accompany answers to questions about specific golf situations, while color-coded keys explain basic rules, penalties, and procedures for the real-life problems that many golfers experience. A must-have for the beginner as well as the experienced player, this compact guide is consulted by TV commentators, tournament committees, professional golfers, golf schools, and golfers all over the world.

Author Biography

Hadyn Rutter is an international commercial lawyer and a professional organizer of golf tournaments who has combined his considerable and unique knowledge of interpreting legal rules and regulations with a practical knowledge of the rules and procedural problems of golf.

Press Releases

Don\'t let the title fool you, this book is more than a mere dictionary; it\'s an essential tool for golfers looking for absolute
clarity on all the rules of the game. Simply reading the rules can be confusing. Situations on the course are often difficult
to read and rule on. But The Illustrated Golf Rules Dictionary takes all those situations and offers easy-to-understand explanations of every situation. Photos and diagrams accompany every rule along with precise illustrations of how the situation should be handled. Exceptions to every rule and the penalties incurred are detailed for every situation. From Abnormal Ground Conditions to Yellow Lines/Stakes (OK, so there\'s no Z category), The Illustrated Golf Rules Dictionary is the most comprehensive rules book on the market.