Settling the Score
Settling the Score

Settling the Score

Talkin' Chicago Sports
By Mike North


192 Pages, 5.5 x 8.5

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ISBN 9781600781933

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Triumph Books (May 2009)


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Calm, reasoned, and well-modulated tones are not the order of business in discussing Chicago sports, and when it comes to talking Chicago sports, Mike North is in a class by himself. He led the sports-talk-radio industry out of its formative stages and became the city's most recognized voice. With his in-your-face style, North has all the answers and doesn't shortchange the reader when it comes to opinions. Why do the Bears carry the city? What's the basic difference between Sox and Cubs fans? Will the Bulls ever return to glory? Can the Blackhawks recapture their stature as one of the top teams in the NHL?

Author Biography

Mike North is a sports-radio personality who hosted a show at WSCR "The Score 670" in Chicago from 1992 to 2008.


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The definition of a rabble-rouser is "one that stirs up the masses of people."  Over the past couple of decades, Mike North has been exactly that when it comes to mixing it up with the hardcore Chicago sports fans.  From his time on "The Score" to his current gig with Dan Jiggetts on "Monsters in the Morning" on Comcast Sportsnet, North has been the go-to guy when it comes to sports talk in the Second City, and he has never shied away from offering his often controversial and outspoken thoughts on Chicago's teams and players.

After all his years as a sports legend in Chicago, North finally puts all of his thoughts on paper in his new book Settling the Score: Talkin' Chicago Sports, where he dissects the local sporting scene and offers his outspoken opinion on topics such as:

    * Why he'll never put Brian Urlacher in the same category as Mike Singletary or Dick Butkus
    * What two words best describe the Chicago Cubs and their fans
    * Why Ozzie is allowed to be Ozzie
    * What he regrets the most in how he handled his coverage of Michael Jordan
    * How Chicago was a Blackhawks town first and foremost
    * His rankings of Chicago's all-time Bears team and all-time Chicago baseball team

North has been following the Chicago sports scene for decades, and his rantings, ravings and rankings in Settling the Score: Talkin' Chicago Sports are sure to both raise the eyebrows of many Chicago sports junkies while his loyal followers nod their heads in approval.  Whether he compares Wrigley Field to Comiskey Park or Gale Sayers to Walter Payton, Chicago sports fans are going to be intrigued from cover to cover.

And no matter what fans might think about North's musings in Settling the Score: Talkin' Chicago Sports, they will all agree on one key point..."Chicago is easily the #1 sports city in the country."

About the Author:
Author Mike North in his own words: "Street Kid, Street Dog, Street Man, Street Success."