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Sal Paolantonio - How Football Explains America
Sal Paolantonio
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Friday, December 11, 2015 - 7:00pm
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How Football Explains America
How Football Explains America ›
By Sal Paolantonio

Trade Paper

ISBN 9781629371412

Published Sep 2015

<div><strong>ESPN&rsquo;s Sal Paolantonio explores just how crucial football is to understanding the American psyche</strong><br />&nbsp;<br />Using some of the most prominent voices in pro sports and cultural and media criticism, <em>How Football Explains America</em> is a fascinating, first-of-its-kind journey through the making of America&#39;s most complex, intriguing, and popular game. It tackles varying American themes&mdash;from Manifest Destiny to &ldquo;fourth and one&rdquo;&mdash;as it answers the age-old question Why does America love football so much? An unabashedly celebratory explanation of America&rsquo;s love affair with the game and the men who make it possible, this work sheds light on how the pioneers and cowboys helped create a game that resembled their march across the continent. It explores why rugby and soccer don&rsquo;t excite the American male like football does and how the game&rsquo;s rules are continually changing to enhance the dramatic action and create a better narrative. It also investigates the eternal appeal of the heroic quarterback position, the sport&rsquo;s rich military lineage, and how the burgeoning medium of television identified and exploited the NFL&rsquo;s great characters. It is a must read for anyone interested in more fully understanding not only the game but also the nation in which it thrives. Updated throughout and with a new introduction, this edition brings <em>How Football Explains America</em> to paperback for the first time.</div>