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Robyn Schneider - Silent Running
Robyn K. Schneider
Barnes & Noble
2245 Richmond Avenue, Staten Island, NY 10314
(718) 982-6983
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Wednesday, May 6, 2015 - 11:00am
In partnership with Eden II School
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Silent Running
Silent Running ›
By Robyn K. Schneider, Contributions by Kate Hopper
Price 24.95


ISBN 9781629370910

Published Apr 2015

Running is a way of life for the Schneider family, but not in the same way as it is for most runners. Twin brothers Alex and Jamie Schneider are severely autistic—they are nonverbal and when anxiety takes over they bite themselves or slam their feet into the hard floor, they cannot tell their mother Robyn if they are hurt or hungry, and they can never be left alone. Yet they have run almost 150 races, including six marathons. The boys' parents have also turned to running to battle health issues: father Allan successfully manages his symptoms of multiple sclerosis with vitamins and miles and miles of jogging on the trails near their Long Island home, while mother Robyn, who, while undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer six years ago, laced up her own running shoes for the first time and headed out the door, determined to run her way to recovery. In Silent Running, Robyn Schneider shares her family's incredible story of triumph in the face of enormous hurdles, and of the shared passion that has fueled their fight. It is a story of hope and of never giving up.