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Red Wing Nation
Red Wing Nation (4 Formats) ›
By Kevin Allen, By Art Regner, Foreword by Steve Yzerman
Trade Paper Price 14.95

Trade Paper, PDF, EPUB, Mobipocket

ISBN 9781629371283

Published Nov 2015

<div><strong>An oral history of the Detroit Red Wings, one of the most popular franchises in the NHL</strong><br /> <br />The most outstanding voices of the Detroit Red Wings hockey tradition come together in this decade-by-decade collection of more than 40 stories. Wings fans will relish the intimate stories told by Steve Yzerman, Niklas Lindstrom, Ted Lindsay, and other figures they have come to cherish. One phrase, one season, or one particular game cannot capture the spirit of the Red Wings; instead, the players and managers who made the magic happen over the decades blend their experiences to capture the true essence of their beloved team.<br /></div>