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Mike Shalin - "Donnie Baseball"
Mike Shalin
Whittemore Library
243 Church Street, Naugatuck, CT 04198 (map it)
Wednesday, May 11, 2011 - 6:30pm
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Donnie Baseball
Donnie Baseball ›
By Mike Shalin, Foreword by Joe Torre


ISBN 9781600785368

Published Mar 2011

The exhaustive research of sports biographer Mike Shalin sheds new light on a baseball legend, exposing the Hall of Famer's moxie and lifelong dedication to baseball in this engaging biography. The in-depth research follows Don Mattingly, an incredibly talented and hard-working player, who, during his time with the Yankees, became one of the most beloved and popular players in the glorious history of their franchise. An insightful review of Mattingly's career, including his going from a 19th-round draft choice to the 1985 American League MVP to his true motivation behind his retirement in 1995 and his thoughts on his young coaching. Donnie Baseball: The Definitive Biography of Don Mattingly is a must-read not only for passionate Yankee fans, but for all baseball enthusiasts who want to become better historians of the game.