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The 10-Week Intelligent Fitness Challenge
The 10-Week Intelligent Fitness Challenge ›
By Simon Waterson, Foreword by Tom Hiddleston

Trade Paper

ISBN 9781637274576

Published May 2023

Name an A-list actor with incredible fitness and there’s a very good chance that former marine commando Simon Waterson has trained them. And ten weeks is typically how long he has with his clients in pre-production to get them to peak fitness for a role. It is also the perfect amount of time for anyone to reboot their fitness using Simon’s Intelligent Fitness methods, insights and motivational advice.<br /><br />Following on from his first book,<em> Intelligent Fitness</em>, which explored the theory behind some of Hollywood&#39;s most impressive transformations, Simon focuses here on a typical actor workout program. Whatever your goal, whether it’s reducing fat or increasing muscle tissue – this book will ensure you make real progress and see results in just ten weeks.<br /><br />With increasing intensity in the workouts week on week, and the opportunity to ramp up the reps or vary the exercises as your fitness progresses – the focus for each week is inspired by a question from one of Simon’s famous clients – this is a workout book for anyone with a fitness goal. Featuring step-by-step photographs and easy-to-follow exercises and advice, this is a program that you can keep coming back to as you continue on your fitness journey.