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The Real Hank Aaron
The Real Hank Aaron ›
By Terence Moore

Trade Paper

ISBN 9781637272893

Published Aug 2023

<strong>A heartfelt portrait of Hank Aaron, featuring nearly 40 years of stories plus never-before-told insights from the home run king.</strong><br /><br />When journalist Terence Moore was 12 years old, he treasured his poster of Henry Aaron. Years later, Aaron would sign it for him: &quot;Best wishes to Terry.&quot; Later still, Moore would be named an honorary pall bearer at the home run king&#39;s funeral, staying up late into the night with Aaron&#39;s widow, Billye, to get the obituary just right for the program.<br /><br />Friends and family knew Aaron as quick-witted, hilarious, and fiercely opinionated beyond what was shown in public. With the encouragement of Aaron&#39;s family, Moore now shares this intimate perspective on the baseball legend, the culmination of decades of friendship and correspondence. <em>The Real Hank Aaron</em> captures the icon&#39;s contagious laugh and pointed views, from the depth of his admiration for Jackie Robinson to his true thoughts on Barry Bonds and the steroid era. <br /><br /><strong>Also featuring Aaron&#39;s views on race, politics, media, and sports fandom, this is a charming and illuminating glimpse at the man outside the spotlight.</strong>