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Heart of Gold
Heart of Gold ›
By The Athletic

Trade Paper

ISBN 9781637272381

Published Jul 2022

<div><b data-identifyelement="837">In 2022, the Golden State Warriors proved critics wrong and resurrected a dynasty, triumphing over the Boston Celtics in the NBA Finals to reign supreme once again.</b><div data-identifyelement="838" style="margin:0px"> </div><div data-identifyelement="840" style="margin:0px">Steve Kerr&#39;s squad dug deep following years of injury and disappointment to form new bonds and reclaim their glory. The stellar trio of Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green was finally reunited, this time with a new supporting cast including Andrew Wiggins, Gary Payton II, and Jordan Poole.</div><div data-identifyelement="841" style="margin:0px"> </div><div data-identifyelement="843" style="margin:0px"><i data-identifyelement="844">Heart of Gold: The Golden State Warriors&#39; Remarkable Run to the 2022 NBA Title</i><span data-identifyelement="845"> </span>chronicles their incredible accomplishments through in-depth analysis and expert insight from<span data-identifyelement="846"> </span><i data-identifyelement="847">The Athletic</i>. Featuring dynamic full-color photography, this commemorative edition traces the key storylines of the 2021-2022 season, including Curry&#39;s quest to break Ray Allen&#39;s 3-point record, Thompson&#39;s march to recovery, and of course a momentous postseason journey.</div><div data-identifyelement="848" style="margin:0px"> </div><div data-identifyelement="850" style="margin:0px"><b data-identifyelement="851">With in-depth profiles on Curry, Thompson, Green, Wiggins and more, this commemorative book is an essential chronicle for all Warriors faithful.</b></div></div>