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The Baseball Talmud
The Baseball Talmud ›
By Howard Megdal


ISBN 9781637270011

Published May 2022

<strong>Updated and expanded edition!</strong><br /><br />From the icons of the game to the players who got their big break but never quite broke through, <em>The Baseball Talmud</em> provides a wonderful historical narration of Major League Jewish Baseball in America. All the stats, the facts, the stories, and the (often unheralded) glory. This delightful compmendium reveals that there is far more to Jewish baseball than Hank Greenberg&#39;s powerful slugging and Sandy Koufax&#39;s masterful control.<br /><br />From Ausmus to Zinn, Berg to Kinsler, Holtzman to Yeager, and many others, Howard Megdal draws upon the lore and the little-known details that increase our enjoyment of the game.<br /><br /><strong>This new, expanded edition of <em>The Baseball Talmud</em> rewrites the history of Jewish baseball and is a book that every baseball fan should own.</strong>