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Nimble Leader Volume VI
Nimble Leader Volume VI ›
By Andrew Ortyn


ISBN 9781633192829

Published May 2015

<div>Throughout  <em>Nimble Leader</em>  (six volume series), we explore key concepts that have proven to be practical, useful, and applicable to achieving sustained improvement in business performance over the long term.   In <em>Volume VI: Results Matter!</em>, you will shift your attention from theory to application.  As Winston Churchill said, &quot;It is no use saying, &#39;We are doing our best.&#39; You have to succeed in doing what is necessary.”  Like waves lapping the shoreline, certain activities will generate Operating Profit and Cash-flow, only to recede with the need for new waves to take their place.  <em>Short-term</em>, you might generate profit and CASH through actions in the areas of Cost reduction and Working Capital management.  <em>Mid-term</em>, you might generate profit and CASH through growing Volume and the judicious use of the Price increase<em>.  Long-term</em>, you need to infuse the market with new products that ultimately alter product and service Mix, replenishing the streams of Operating Profit and Cash-flow at higher margin.  When you think about managing your business to higher more profitable ground, the process can be messy and the outcome uncertain.  However, if you fail to take risk, you run the risk of missing out on significant opportunities that might add to your bottom line. Understanding the Tools for Profit and the relationships between Market Position, Price, Volume, Mix, Cost and Working Capital management is not the same as applying the Tools for Profit. Understanding the Tools for Profit implies the skill to take action.  Applying the Tools for Profit implies the will to take action.  In reading <em>Volume VI of Nimble Leader</em>, you will learn specific steps and explore different examples that will assist you in <em>applying </em>the Tools for Profit to improve your business performance!<br /></div>