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Nimble Leader Volume V
Nimble Leader Volume V ›
By Andrew Ortyn


ISBN 9781633192812

Published May 2015

<div>Throughout  <em>Nimble Leader</em>  (six volume series), we explore key concepts that have proven to be practical, useful, and applicable to achieving sustained improvement in business performance over the long term.   In <em>Volume V: Tools for Profit</em>, you will explore axioms for improving business results.  Collectively – Market Position, Price, Volume, Mix, Cost, and Operating Working Capital represent what we call the Tools for Profit.  They are all interrelated.  Together, they represent a powerful framework for how you think, analyze, discuss, and act upon your business in ways that result in improved business performance, improved Operating Profit and improved Cash-flow . . . the lifeblood of every business.  The greater the level of ‘common’ understanding of the Tools for Profit by employees within and across your business’s functional areas, the greater the speed, flexibility, and depth of response your organization has relative to how you respond to fast-changing market pressures in a dynamic world.  In reading <em>Volume V of Nimble Leader</em>, you will focus on making money!  You will learn to relate Market Position – what you <em>stand for</em> in the minds of your customers – to the Price you charge; the Volume of products and services you sell; the Mix of your offering; the Cost you incur to grow your business; and the amount of Operating Working Capital – short term investment – required to support the ongoing operation of your business.   At a very fundamental level, you will also learn the ‘relative’ financial impact of deploying the different Tools for Profit in pursuit of profitable business.   You will even explore the impact and power of the dreaded price increase – the most powerful Tool for Profit!  <br /></div>