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Championship Behaviors
Championship Behaviors ›
By Hugh McCutcheon, Foreword by Thad Levine


ISBN 9781629379579

Published Nov 2022

<strong>From an Olympic gold medal-winning coach, a new playbook for effective athlete education and team building</strong><br /><br />Championship results require championship behaviors—it’s as simple as that. In this essential book, Hugh McCutcheon provides a proven framework for competitive excellence based in motor learning, psychology, and decades of coaching experience and success.<br /><br /><em>Championship Behaviors</em> provides athletes, parents of athletes, and coaches a defined path to the &quot;how&quot; of significant achievement while simply and clearly explaining the research behind the &quot;why.&quot; McCutcheon speaks to the need for aspiring athletes to work, learn, and compete and the responsibility coaches have to teach, coach, and mentor. As he says, &quot;We won’t always have five-star talent, but we can often make up the difference by being five-star teachers, learners, and competitors.&quot;<br aria-hidden="true" /><br /><strong> A sought-after coach and consultant, McCutcheon also illuminates the value of integrating the physical, mental, and social aspects of sport to maximize chances of competitive success.</strong>