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Creative Connections
Creative Connections ›
By Triumph Books
Price 9.95

Trade Paper

ISBN 9781629372815

Published Oct 2016

Discover an eclectic selection of challenging connect-the-dots puzzles in this all new collection. From dynamic dinosaurs and a mystic mermaid to a space shuttle and a beachside hammock, Creative Connections will delight you in the surprise reveal of the hidden picture. In addition to being a fun leisure activity, connect-the-dots puzzles are also proven to refine hand-eye coordination and enhance concentration. Intricate and complex enough to captivate adult minds, Creative Connections will provide hours of entertainment. Each perplexing puzzle contains hundreds of dots—nothing like the connect-the-dots you remember from your childhood. Improve your focus and keep your mind as sharp as the pencil you use to complete each page. More than 100 unique puzzles are included, so you can sharpen your concentration and create trendy line art.