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NFL Draft 2015 Preview
NFL Draft 2015 Preview ›
By Nolan Nawrocki

Trade Paper

ISBN 9781629370767

Published Apr 2015

<DIV>Written by longtime <EM>Pro Football Weekly</EM> lead draft analyst Nolan Nawrocki, <EM>NFL Draft 2015 Preview</EM> is the most reliable and comprehensive guide to the NFL draft. Nawrocki produced the draft guide under the <EM>Pro Football Weekly</EM> brand for more than a decade, and the annual publication came to be regarded as the "Bible of the draft" by pro personnel, agents, and fans. This draft preview provides the detailed scouting reports, rankings, and position-by-position analysis that readers have come to rely on. Featuring detailed evaluations of more than 300 prospects, this 2015 edition includes fresh "buzz" from the NFL's scouting trails, Nawrocki's rankings of the top prospects at each position, and the latest combine measurables on each prospect.<BR></DIV>