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What It Means to Be a Nittany Lion
What It Means to Be a Nittany Lion ›
Edited by Lou Prato, Edited by Scott Brown, Contributions by Joe Paterno


ISBN 9781617490293

Published Sep 2006

What It Means to be a Nittany Lion: Joe Paterno and Penn State's Greatest Players explores what seems to be a simple question: What does it mean to be a Nittany Lion? One person or one phrase cannot answer that question because so many emotions encompass the true Nittany Lion spirit. The greatest Penn State players and coaches from the past eight decades were called upon to express why they are so proud to be a part of the storied tradition that is Nittany Lion football and give fans an inside look on their college careers at Happy Valley. What It Means to be a Nittany Lion brings together all of their stories, as told by the most outstanding voices of the Penn State program, guaranteed to enhance your passion for Nittany Lion football. It’s not just one tradition, one season or one particular gameâ€â€Âit’s the stories coming from the players who experienced the magic over the decades that capture the true essence of the Nittany Lion way.