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I Love Sarah Palin/I Hate Sarah Palin
I Love Sarah Palin/I Hate Sarah Palin ›
By Ross Bernstein


ISBN 9781600786297

Published Oct 2011

Presented in a unique reversible-book format, this is the ultimate chronicle of the public reaction to a certain former Alaskan governor who is famous or infamous, depending on who is speaking. Both sides of the Sarah Palin argument find strong and unabashedly-biased voices in the book, including quotes and interviews with fascinating figures that include Glenn Beck, Rudy Giuliani, and Mitt Romney in the pro-Palin camp, and Conan O’Brien, Maureen Dowd, and James Carville to balance the discussion in the anti-Palin camp. Functioning as two books in one, this account of the fans and critics of Sarah Palin shows that when it comes to controversial and highly-publicized political personalities, there is no fine line between love and hate.