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Why Fenway
Why Fenway ›
By John Ferguson

Trade Paper

ISBN 9781600785337

Published Mar 2011

<DIV>An unforgettable look at the quirky and charming Fenway Park and the team that has called it home for the last century, this is a book to be treasured not just by Red Sox fans, but baseball fans everywhere. No fewer than eight professional baseball teams have called Boston home since the 19th century, yet the book shows that the only team to stick around for good has rewarded its faithful fans with abundant mediocrity and heartbreak and only occasional glimmers of hope and success. It demonstrates that the one constant for the Boston Red Sox is that for the past 100 years they've been ensconced in the same little jade gem of a ballpark—which has defined one of the most prestigious and iconic franchises in all of professional sports.</DIV>