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All You Can Be
All You Can Be ›
By Curtis Granderson


ISBN 9781600782473

Published Aug 2009

Curtis Granderson grew up on the south side of Chicago. He loved sports and was determined to become a successful athlete. But perhaps because both of his parents were teachers, he had an even stronger desire to succeed in the classroom. He loved learning for its own sake, and from an early age, the importance of education. Now an established Major League Baseball star, Curtis has not forgotten the lessons he learned growing up. These are lessons not only about the importance of education, but also about working hard to attain goals; lessons about character, integrity, and personal responsibility. In his book All You Can Be, Granderson shares these valuable lessons with his young fans. He has also invited fourth graders from across the state of Michigan to submit artwork that exemplifies their own goals, the best of which has been culled here to illustrate the themes of the book. This is not just a book for aspiring athletes, it is a book for any young dreamer about how he or she can develop the character to help them succeed, whether they want to be the next president of the United States, the best teacher in the country, or even the center fielder for the Detroit Tigers.