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Quarterback Abstract
Quarterback Abstract ›
By John Maxymuk


ISBN 9781617497827

Published Jul 2012

<P>When the T formation became the standard offense in the NFL in the 1940s, one man was elevated to a greater position of importance than any other on the field: the quarterback. A few years later in 1950, two-platoon football was made permanent, allowing the quarterback to focus solely on offense without also having to play defensive back on the other side of the ball. Since then, 338 men have started at least 10 NFL games. <I>Quarterback Abstract</I> brings them all together along with 27 other significant pre-1950 passers to answer three questions about each quarterback: <I>Who was he? What was his playing style? How good was he?</I> Each quarterback is rated from one-half to 5 stars, with five given only to the greatest Hall of Fame–caliber players. Each player's basic statistical career totals are supplied both for the regular season and the postseason, along with each quarterback's won-lost record, and his fourth-quarter comebacks. A relative passer rating is provided to accurately compare the players across the game's history. An appendix lists the records of those quarterbacks who started fewer than 10 games as well as several forgotten early quarterbacks from the 1940s.
Game Changers: New York Giants
Game Changers: New York Giants (2 Formats) ›
By John Maxymuk, Foreword by Tiki Barber
Cloth Price 24.95

Cloth, PDF

ISBN 9781600784101

Published Aug 2010

For serious football fans wanting to relive the most unforgettable, extraordinary, and gut-wrenching moments in New York Giants history, this account explores the team's greatest plays, providing context, back story, relevant circumstances, and comments from those directly involved in each play. Photos help reanimate memories, including David Tyree's miracle catch to help upset the Patriots in Super Bowl XLII, backup quarterback Jeff Hostetler leading the team to an improbable Super Bowl XXV victory, the 2005 36-0 thrashing of rival Redskins to honor late owner Wellington Mara, and Kerry Collins' five touchdowns in one day to lead the team to Super Bowl XXXV.
The 50 Greatest Plays in New York Giants Football History
The 50 Greatest Plays in New York Giants Football History (2 Formats) ›
By John Maxymuk, Foreword by Pat Summerall
Cloth Price 24.95

Cloth, PDF

ISBN 9781600781094

Published Aug 2008

<DIV>In a series that explores the logic-defying comebacks and tough losses, the dramatic interceptions, fumbles, game-winning field goals, and touchdowns that shape a fan&#8217;s greatest memories of their beloved team, this book does not disappoint as the ultimate collector&#8217;s item for Giants fans. It chronicles the most famous moments in the New York Giants&#8217; football history, including the shocking upset of Super Bowl XLII, Pat Summerall&#39;s 49-yard field goal in the snow in 1958, Phil Simms&#8217; fourth&#160;down and 17 strike against the Vikings in 1986, defeating the 49ers on the final play in 1991, and Lawrence Taylor&#39;s 97-yard interception return to defeat the Lions on Thanksgiving. The descriptions of each play are accompanied with game information and quotes from participants, players, and observers with firsthand accounts.</DIV>