Making the Most of All Nine Lives
Making the Most of All Nine Lives

Making the Most of All Nine Lives

The Extraordinary Life of Buffy the Cat
By Sandy Robins, By Paul Smulson


128 Pages, 5 x 6

Formats: Cloth, EPUB, Mobipocket, PDF

Cloth, $12.95 (US $12.95) (CA $13.95)

ISBN 9781629371634

Rights: WOR

Triumph Books (Apr 2016)


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If cats really did have nine lives, none would live all of them as fully as Buffy, an orange tabby from the suburbs of Chicago. In the course of his lifetime, Buffy was a bartender, a judge, a DJ, a teacher, and a dental hygienist. Like many who live and work in a city, he spent his days eating breakfast, commuting on public transit, going grocery shopping, and enjoying a cold beverage at the end of a long day. There were the chores—mowing the lawn, chopping firewood—but then on weekends, he laid out at the beach, took the kayak out on the water, went fishing, and relaxed by listening to music. Follow Buffy along on 100 of his adventures, depicted in full-color photography, and learn what it means to make the most of all nine lives!

Author Biography

Sandy Robins is an award-winning pet lifestyle expert and a popular TV and radio guest. She is the author of several books on cats, including For the Love of Cats: From A to Z, and her work appears regularly on and in various magazines. She lives in California. Paul Smulson was a Chicago Daily Defender sports photographer for 15 years during the Michael Jordan era. His photographs also appeared in Sport Magazine, Chicago Sun-Times, and Fox Sports' Beyond the Glory.

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Making the Most of All Nine Lives:

The Extraordinary Life of Buffy the Cat

By Sandy Robins & Paul Smulson


Contact: Bill Ames, Triumph Books, 312.676.4256,


The earliest evidence of an association between man and cat (Felis Catus) dates back 9,500 years. In the nearly 10 millennia since, no specimen of either species has bridged the gap between human and feline more convincingly than the incompurrable Buffy.


Born into the body of an orange tabby, Buffy has experienced life in a way most humans never do. Making the Most of All Nine Lives: The Extraordinary Life of Buffy the Cat (Triumph Books, April 2016) documents Buffy as he trades hairballs for golf balls, scratching posts for the Evening Post and meowing a yawn for mowing the lawn. With this great new collection of thoughts and photos Buffy has transcended from litter box to literature. Other highlights include:


  • Donning cultural garb and overcoming his catnip addiction, Buffy samples a Mexican feast and enjoys a Passover Seder
  • Buffy lending a paw to the local police force, becoming a cat burglar’s nightmare and the furriest member of the fuzz
  • Curiosity failing to kill this cat as he displays his frisky and risky sides by flying an airplane, sailing on Lake Michigan and riding a motorcycle…No scaredy cats here!
  • A behind the scenes look at Buffy training in karate, grilling delicacies and taking in a ballgame


Forget about a catnap! Cat lovers of all breeds will leap out of the bag, land on their feet, and sink their claws into Making the Most of All Nine Lives. No cat owner’s library is complete without this delightful yarn. A must-own piece of kitty-lit from head to tail.


About the Author:

Sandy Robins is an award-winning multimedia pet lifestyle expert, author and radio, TV and pet industry personality. She is also Paul Smulson’s BFF (which also stands for Buffy Fan Forever).


Dr. Paul Smulson has practiced oral surgery for 35 years. He worked as a photojournalist for the Chicago Daily Defender during the Michael Jordan era and has had photographs appear in Sport Magazine, the Chicago Sun-Times and Fox Sports’ Beyond the Glory. He photographed zoo animals for years before focusing on Buffy.