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Girardi (4 Formats) ›
By Kevin Kernan
Cloth Price 25.95

Cloth, PDF, EPUB, Mobipocket

ISBN 9781600785825

Published Apr 2012

Drawn from more than 60 interviews and hours of face time, this authorized biography offers an unprecedented inside-the-dugout look at the manager who guided the New York Yankees to their 27th world championship. Beginning with his childhood in the baseball mecca of Chicago, this book traces Joe Girardi’s rise from a catcher at Northwestern University to his time in the minors, his 15 years in the majors, and his successful career as a manager. As much a character portrait of the man as a chronicle of his achievements, this study reveals the amalgam of influences—the relentless work ethic learned from his father combined with the systematic mind of an engineer, the baseball know-how instilled by the likes of Don Zimmer and Joe Torre, and the heart of his tenacious mother—that combined to propel Girardi to his current stature.
Amazing! ›
By Kevin Kernan

Trade Paper

ISBN 9781572439665

Published Oct 2006

The year was a good one for New York, with both Major League Baseball teams winning their respective divisions and becoming the shining stars of their leagues with wins, but the 2006 baseball season was more than just good for the Mets—it was amazing. This collection of anecdotes and insights goes onto the field, into the clubhouse, and behind the scenes to chronicle the historic summer of baseball in New York, talking with the stars and managers Willie Randolph and Omar Minaya about their roles in the success. Led by All-Stars, persevering through injuries, and driven by a potent offense, the team brought pride to their fans and the National League with a whirlwind climb to the top. Whatever the outcome after all was said and done, the book accurately captures the excitement and enthusiasm of the New York Mets in a record-setting season that will never be forgotten.
I'm Just Getting Started
I'm Just Getting Started (3 Formats) ›
By Jack McKeon, By Kevin Kernan
Cloth Price 24.95

Cloth, PDF, EPUB

ISBN 9781572437111

Published Apr 2005

Jack McKeon, who in 2003 became the oldest manager to ever lead a team to the World Series championship, proved that old doesn't mean you're over, and these stories offer a look into his storied career, from baseball's forgotten fields to the World Series. In his 55-year career in professional baseball, McKeon learned that the main ingredient to success is enjoying yourself and those around you. Even when faced with incredible odds, McKeon proves that keeping a sense of humor can cure many problems. McKeon's book is a conversational glimpse into how baseball players, fans, management and coaches work at every level.