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Jim Bruton with Former Vikings Players - Vikings 50
Jim Bruton
3M Company
3M Corporation, 3M Center, St Paul, MN 55144 (map it)
Monday, December 10, 2012 - 11:00am
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Vikings 50
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By Jim Bruton, Foreword by Fran Tarkenton


ISBN 9781600786914

Published Sep 2012

Out of the hundreds of players that have toiled at Metropolitan Stadium and the Metrodome, this collection celebrates only the 50 greatest—the Minnesota Vikings who stood head and shoulders above their peers. Interviews with superstars such as Ron Yary, Paul Krause, Fran Tarkenton, Randy Moss, Adrian Peterson, and more are featured along with authentic accounts from their teammates and coaches. The book explores each competitor’s beginnings as well as his greatest moments on the gridiron, concluding with what he has been doing since his playing days ended. Featuring a compilation of action photographs in addition to personal images, this reflection reveals the never-before-told stories of these elite heroes, making it the perfect companion for devoted Vikings fans of all ages.