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Jack Cavanaugh - Mr. Inside and Mr. Outside
Jack Cavanaugh
Near Jefferson Library
West Point, NY 10996 (map it)
Saturday, October 11, 2014 - 8:30am
Hosted by West Point Bookstore, along the parade ground near Jefferson Library
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Mr. Inside and Mr. Outside
Mr. Inside and Mr. Outside ›
By Jack Cavanaugh, Foreword by Pete Dawkins
Price 25.95


ISBN 9781600789298

Published Sep 2014

Heisman Trophy winners Glenn Davis and Felix Blanchard—renowned during their playing days at <u1:place u2:st="on">West Point</u1:place> as "Mr. Inside and Mr. Outside"—were the best-known college football players in the country between 1944 and 1946, and Army was the nation's top-ranked team under legendary coach Red Blaik. Acclaimed author Jack Cavanaugh takes readers through the Black Knights' three consecutive National Championship seasons, including the 1946 "Game of the Century" between Army and Notre Dame, the only college game to date to have included four Heisman Trophy winners. Cavanaugh also examines the impact the war had on Army's success—because its players were already considered to be in the military and thus deferred from active duty while students at <u1:place u2:st="on">West Point</u1:place>, Army featured many outstanding high school and prep school players in those years. A unique look at the changes that took place in sports and almost every aspect of American life in the wake of World War II, this book a must-read for fans of college football and military buffs in addition to Army fans.