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The Pittsburgh Steelers Playbook
The Pittsburgh Steelers Playbook (4 Formats) ›
By Steve Hickoff
Trade Paper Price 16.95

Trade Paper, PDF, EPUB, Mobipocket

ISBN 9781629371245

Published Sep 2015

<div><strong>The X’s and O’s behind the Steelers’ most memorable moments </strong><br /> <br />For serious football fans wanting to relive the most unforgettable, extraordinary, and gut-wrenching plays in Pittsburgh Steelers history, this account explores the team’s greatest calls, providing context, back story, relevant circumstances, and comments from those directly involved in each play. Dozens of color photos help to reanimate each memory, including the Immaculate Reception, Willie Parker’s 75-yard Super Bowl XL run from scrimmage, quarterback Mark Malone’s record-setting catch of 90 yards from Terry Bradshaw, and John Henry Johnson running for a 45-yard score to help the Steelers upset the Browns.</div>
The 50 Greatest Plays in Pittsburgh Steelers Football History
The 50 Greatest Plays in Pittsburgh Steelers Football History (3 Formats) ›
By Steve Hickoff
PDF Price 13.99

PDF, EPUB, Mobipocket

ISBN 9781617498053

Published Aug 2008

<DIV>This exciting new series explores those logic-defying comebacks and tough losses, the dramatic interceptions, fumbles, game-winning field goals, and touchdowns. Every play&#39;s description is accompanied with game information and quotes from participants, players, and observers with firsthand account.</DIV>