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2013 Minor League Baseball Analyst
2013 Minor League Baseball Analyst ›
By Rob Gordon, By Jeremy Deloney, Edited by Brent Hershey

Trade Paper

ISBN 9781600787416

Published Mar 2013

The first book of its kind to fully integrate sabermetrics and scouting, the 2013 Minor League Baseball Analyst provides a distinctive brand of analysis for more than 1,000 minor league baseball players. Features include scouting reports for all players, batter skills ratings, pitch repertoires, performance trends, major league equivalents, and expected major league debuts. A complete sabermetric glossary is also included. This one-of-a-kind reference is ideally suited for baseball analysts and those who play in fantasy leagues with farm systems.
2013 Baseball Forecaster
2013 Baseball Forecaster (2 Formats) ›
By Ron Shandler, Edited by Ray Murphy, Edited by Rod Truesdell, Edited by Brent Hershey

Trade Paper, EPUB

ISBN 9781600787409

Published Jan 2013

The industry's longest-running publication for baseball analysts and fantasy leaguers, the 2013 Baseball Forecaster, published annually since 1986, is the first book to approach prognostication by breaking performance down into its component parts. Rather than predicting batting average, for instance, this resource looks at the elements of skill that make up any given batter’s ability to distinguish between balls and strikes, his propensity to make contact with the ball, and what happens when he makes contact—reverse engineering those skills back into batting average. The result is an unparalleled forecast of baseball abilities and trends for the upcoming season and beyond.