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Goodbye, Oakland
Meet the Author: Andy Dolich
Los Altos Rotary Club
400 University Ave, Los Altos, CA 94023 (map it)
Thursday, August 24, 2023

Join authors Andy Dolich and Dave Newhouse for a signing and discussion of their book, Goodbye, Oakland, at the Los Altos Rotary Club in Los Altos, CA. 

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Goodbye, Oakland
Goodbye, Oakland ›
By Dave Newhouse, By Andy Dolich


ISBN 9781637272152

Published Apr 2023

<strong>A fascinating tour of Oakland sports history and a look toward the future of professional sports in the East Bay.</strong><br /><br />Oakland is a sports city like no other. It is the only city in America to be abandoned by the same team twice, with the Raiders most recently leaving for Las Vegas. The Golden State Warriors, who crossed the bay in 1971 in search of better digs, have now returned to San Francisco with trophies in tow. The long-fought battle to keep the Oakland Athletics in the East Bay may narrowly save the city from a hat trick of departures.<br /><br />And yet, Oakland has produced more than its share of success in the form of 10 national titles across the NFL, NBA, and MLB. The city is gritty, gutsy, and self-preserving, with a blue-collar mentality and a gold standard under that collar. Bolstered by the Silicon Valley tech boom, Oakland has become one of the most desirable places to live in the entire country, all while its sports fans increasingly find that, in the famous words of Gertrude Stein, &quot;There is no there there.&quot;<br /><br />What is it about Oakland that inspires such wanderlust in its professional teams?<strong> </strong>Featuring numerous conversations with luminaries across sports, politics, and economics, this new book explores Oakland&#39;s fascinating and paradoxical identity as a sports town while illuminating a cast of characters as diverse as the city itself: rogues, superstars, movers and shakers operating on and off the field, and, of course, the fans.<br /><br /><strong>Through the insight of venerated <em>Oakland Tribune</em> scribe Dave Newhouse and sports business leader Andy Dolich, readers will come to appreciate the many quirks and challenges that define &quot;The Town.&quot;</strong>