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Fran Tarkenton & Jim Bruton - "Everyday is Game Day"
University of Georgia Bookstore next to Sanford Stadium
100 Baxter Street, Athens , GA 30602 (map it)
Friday, October 2, 2009 - 5:00pm
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Every Day is Game Day
Every Day is Game Day ›
By Fran Tarkenton, By Jim Bruton, Foreword by Roger Staubach


ISBN 9781600782534

Published Sep 2009

Taking readers through Fran Tarkenton’s life—from the alleys of Washington, DC, to his college career in Athens, Georgia and on to the National Football League—this autobiography is an exciting and inspiring journey that explains in detail what has driven him to become so extraordinary during and beyond his football playing days. Tarkenton reveals for the first time details about the infamous 1975 playoff game against the Dallas Cowboys, specifics about the personal tragedy he experienced after the infamous 1975 game, his love for New York City and what it meant to play for the New York Giants, why to this day it’s still hard for him to return to the Twin Cities, and why he has thrived in business after leaving football. Every Day is Game Day delves into Tarkenton the entrepreneur, the friend, the father as well never-before-told stories about his closest friendships, favorite players, and most influential people to cross his path. This is not just a book about football or a great athlete, but also a book about a genuine and inspiring leader who has touched the hearts and souls of many.