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The '85 Bears
The '85 Bears (3 Formats) ›
By Mike Ditka, By Rick Telander
PDF Price 12.99

PDF, EPUB, Mobipocket

ISBN 9781633193239

Published Sep 2015

The ultimate record of a great franchise's greatest season as told by none other than Da Coach himself  In Ditka's own words, this 30th anniversary volume of The '85 Bears is packed with special features that make it the ultimate must-have treasure for every Bears fan. This updated edition features the authors' reflections on the incredible championship season as well as recaps and statistics for every regular- and post-season game bring the entire 1985 campaign to life. Interviews with fan favorites—from the Fridge to Buddy Ryan—as well as special commentary from Gary Fencik offer extra insight into the team's Super Bowl run. Capping off a truly memorable volume is a bonus audio CD that features an exclusive interview with Mike Ditka, providing even more memories from a truly golden era of Chicago football.
The '85 Bears
The '85 Bears (3 Formats) ›
By Mike Ditka, By Rick Telander
PDF Price 13.99

PDF, EPUB, Mobipocket

ISBN 9781617494383

Published Sep 2010

The ’85 Bears: We Were the Greatest is Coach Mike Ditka’s memoir of a season Chicago will never forget and opponents would rather erase from their minds. Packed with unforgettable behind-the-scenes stories and exhilarating moments including the dominating win over the Patriots in Super Bowl XX, Walter Payton phoning Ditka’s office pretending to be a woman named Yolanda, Jim McMahon’s enduring regard for the healing power of acupuncture, and how a rookie named William Perry turned into a phenomenon known as “The Refrigerator.†The team was filled with a cast of characters who were wildly entertaining off the field, but feared on the field. Their dominance was unstoppable and at their peak they looked like the greatest team in NFL historyâ€â€Âand quite possibly were. Taking fans along for an insider’s retelling of this historic season “Da Coach†is packed with stories, recaps and statistics for every regular and postseason game, and top-notch photography that captures the team’s remarkable success, making it a must-have treasure for Bears fans of all ages.
The Code
The Code (4 Formats) ›
By Ross Bernstein, Foreword by Ahmad Rashad, Foreword by Jerome Bettis, Afterword by Mike Ditka
Cloth Price 24.95

Cloth, PDF, EPUB, Mobipocket

ISBN 9781600781759

Published Aug 2009

An in-depth and behind the scenes to explore the history of football's unspoken expectations of all who are involved with the game each Sunday, this engaging look the inner workings of the sport of football includes interviews with more than 100 current and former NFL players, coaches, front office employees and media personalities to examine how players go about their business on the field of play. They explain why various "rules" are expected among players and what tactics are used during games. This work discusses the top controversies on the gridiron, including the New England Patriots illegally taping the Jets defensive coaches' signals in 2007, wide receivers and defensive backs using stickum to help catch balls, offensive linemen using silicone to make it difficult for defensive players to grab their jersey, how Tony Mandarich beat steroid testing during his playing days, and Lawrence Taylor's career-ending hit on Joe Theismann on Monday Night Football in 1985. In addition to analyzing the reasons for controversial actions in football, Ross Bernstein elaborates further by covering the unspoken code of players, coaches, and even the referees.
Sunday's Heroes
Sunday's Heroes (2 Formats) ›
By Richard Whittingham, Foreword by Mike Ditka, Introduction by Pat Summerall, Afterword by Paul Hornung
Cloth Price 28.95

Cloth, PDF

ISBN 9781572435179

Published Sep 2003

Sunday's Heroes was born out of Whittingham's many years of researching the league and its history. His work culls together the best first-person stories from the greatest players to ever take the field. Regardless of your favorite team, player or era, Sunday's Heroes has the stories you want to hear from the players you either love or love to hate.