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Rising Above
Rising Above (2 Formats) ›
By Hayley Diep, Illustrated by Naomi Giddings
Hardcover Picture Book Price 18.95

Hardcover Picture Book, PDF

ISBN 9781637274774

Published Nov 2023

Wataru &quot;Wat&quot; Misaka, a Japanese American boy born to immigrant parents, liked to play basketball under the glow of stars and a small street lamp in Ogden, Utah.<br /><br />America was home to Wat, but with the onset of World War II, many people thought he didn&#39;t belong.<br /><br />&quot;Go home!&quot; they would shout as he dribbled the ball down the hardwood court, but Wat continued on his chosen path, winning state tournaments in high school, becoming a national champion with the University of Utah, and even serving in the U.S. Army.<br /><br />The New York Knicks took notice, and in 1947, Wat became the first person of color to play in the NBA.<br /><br /><strong>During a time when nearly all of America mistrusted and mistreated Japanese Americans, Wataru Misaka embodied courage and strength, pursuing the game he loved and becoming a symbol of hope for Japanese Americans sent to incarceration camps. Lost in the annals of history for too long, this remarkable story of identity, belonging, and following one&#39;s own path is now illuminated through lyrical text and vivid illustrations.</strong>