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The Good, the Bad, & the Ugly: New York Giants
The Good, the Bad, & the Ugly: New York Giants (4 Formats) ›
By Michael Benson
Cloth Price 19.95

Cloth, PDF, EPUB, Mobipocket

ISBN 9781600780127

Published Sep 2007

Genuine fans take the best team moments with the less than great, and know that the games that are best forgotten make the good moments truly shine. This monumental book of the New York Giants documents all the best moments and personalities in the history of the team, but also unmasks the regrettably awful and the unflinchingly ugly. In entertaining—and unsparing—fashion, this book sparkles with Giants highlights and lowlights, from wonderful and wacky memories to the famous and infamous. Such moments include Jeff Hostetler’s Super Bowl run and Lawrence Taylor’s rise to fame, as well as his career-ending tackle of Joe Theismann and the disaster that was the 1993 playoffs. Whether providing fond memories, goose bumps, or laughs, this portrait of the team is sure to appeal to the fan who has been through it all.