Ben Hogan
Ben Hogan

Ben Hogan

The Myths Everyone Knows, the Man No One Knew
By Tim Scott


384 Pages, 6 x 9

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Triumph Books (Apr 2015)


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Ben Hogan's accomplishments on the golf course are the stuff of legends, but his life off it was exceedingly private. In this biography, author Tim Scott demonstrates why such public perception was not representative of Hogan's personality, offering a firsthand glimpse into the famous golfer's humor and sensitivity. Hogan wasn't perfect, and many of his fine qualities were never made public until now, as Tim Scott shares his personal experience with Hogan as well as Hogan's friends, family, and acquaintances. Along the way, a clearer picture emerges of Hogan as a man, a golfer, a friend, and a husband.

Author Biography

Tim Scott worked at the Ben Hogan Company from 1969 to 1982 and during his last eight years at the company, he was the vice president of sales and marketing. He lives in Forth Worth, Texas.


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Ben Hogan: The Myths Everyone Knows, The Man No One Knew

By Tim Scott / Foreword by Brad VanFossan 


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Golf aficionados regard Ben Hogan as the game’s greatest striker of the ball. His solid swing was unique. He seemed concreted to the ground, with every muscle unleashed upon the ball at the point of impact. If you believed everything you read or watched or heard about Hogan, you would picture a solitary, unapproachable, surly individual, one devoid of feelings. Even Hogan’s nickname, “The Hawk,” gives the impression of an individual looking for innocents to devour in his quest for survival. The stories, as they are repeated, become myth. Ben Hogan’s life was an ongoing story, with a beginning and an end. One must remember the context of the story to appreciate the man, Ben Hogan.


Ben Hogan: The Myths Everyone Knows, The Man No One Knew (Triumph Books, April 2015) offers more than a glimpse into the legendary golfer’s career, it immerses readers into Hogan’s private and deeply personal world. Golf fans and adventurous readers alike will be gripped by the tragedies and triumphs which carved Ben Hogan into a secretive yet meticulously ethical and genuine man, including:


  • Grappling with his father’s absence after his suicide at age nine
  • How Ben balanced the life long effects of the automobile accident that occurred during the prime of his career
  • Hogan’s singular focus on his own golf game, precluding friends and relationships
  • The media myths, perception and personality Ben is known for


Authentic and honest, Ben Hogan: The Myths Everyone Knows, The Man No One Knew is an essential read for golf fans and a source of inspiration for anyone struggling to overcome personal tragedy.


About the Author:

Tim Scott was VP of Sales & Marketing for the AMF Ben Hogan Company in the 1970s. He worked closely with Ben Hogan, and met many people who knew him, both in golf and in his personal life.