From its inception in 1989, Triumph Books has built and sustained a solid reputation for quality and innovation in sports publishing. In April 2001 Triumph Books Dale Earnhardt: Remembering the Intimidator hit number one on the New York Times bestseller list for paperback nonfiction, and it remained on the list for 13 weeks. This success and many others have solidified Triumph's reputation and allowed the company access to celebrity athletes. Noted sports figures who have chosen to publish their books with Triumph include Dan Marino, Jerome Bettis, Whitey Ford, Brett Favre, Mario Lemieux, Ernie Harwell, Curtis Granderson, and many others. Such relationships have helped to make Triumph the trusted leader in sports publishing.

In addition to working with some of the most celebrated coaches and athletes in the world, Triumph Books, as publisher of the leagues, has also published oral and team histories, pictorials, and rule books for every major sports league over the years, including the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, NCAA, USGA, USTA, the PGA Tour, and the U.S. Soccer Federation.

In 2000 Triumph Books launched Triumph Entertainment, a specialty pop culture and current events imprint. Triumph Entertainment has published dozens of titles on the most popular musicians and singers, as well as anime, special anniversaries, and general entertainment-everything from Britney Spears and Justin Bieber to the Osbournes and the Beatles.

In 2004 Triumph began to diversify its acquisition interests while still maintaining its position as the nation's leader in sports publishing. Since then, Triumph has brought its signature stamp of excellence to a wide range of genres of publishing, including fiction, cooking, gardening, reference and puzzle books, as well as museum-quality coffee-table books on world figures. In addition, Triumph has partnered with some of the most respected newspapers in the country to create one-of-a-kind books.

Triumph Books' dedicated sales and editorial staffs also allow the company to publish instant titles books written, designed, printed, and shelved in stores often within a week of an event with the accuracy, timeliness, and style that few publishers can match.

Located in the bustling River North neighborhood of Chicago, Triumph Books is now distributed by IPG (