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America Speaks
America Speaks ›
By ABC News, By USA Today, Foreword by Charles Gibson, Preface by Ken Paulson
Price 14.99


ISBN 9781617498060

Published Nov 2008

A comprehensive wrap-up of the historic 2008 Presidential election, this book is packed with gorgeous color photographs and buoyed by the insightful journalism of two of the world's news giants This must-have book examines every aspect of the riveting campaign and readers will also travel through “50 States in 50 Days” on the historic joint ABC News/USA Today tour of the nation, which captures the voices of the voters as they weigh the merits of the candidates and the challenges being faced by the nation. This comprehensive multimedia package is accompanied by a DVD that allows patriots to relive all the moments along the way toward this historic election with unforgettable moments of the past year with candidates and constituents alike.